Sunday, 15 January 2017

Jogja Bike Rendezvouse Memory

About 10 years ago, zip production jogja that I was joining first time in this UKM ( home industry ) Jogja Indonesia took a potential chance in stand up for big event carried by HDCI ( Harley Davidson Club Indonesia ). I decided to borrow/ loaning with my sister to follow this event. The most important thing/ clothing I produced was " Local Support Jogja Bike Rendezvouse 2006 ".

My stand up at Jogja Bike Weekk

It happened before the big earthquacke scaled 5,9 richter. And soo, every year it can be memory never missing anymore. First time borrowing/ loaning budget and availlabe to return after event. All works manual prosess/ printing & desinged by our team. The rent for stand up about 2,5 millions ruphiahs at that time paid before event started. Besides all propeties should permitted by SC ( steering commitee ) to avoid next problem for following times with the official formla club ( HDCI ).

A Special Moment Local Suuport by Zip Jogja

Besides it was the first time in harley event program, classic british indonesian club allowed together since the harley bikers sometime came from classic, I knew one person who care that : Mr Dugeng, head chairman MACI Jogja ( Motor Anrique Club Indonesia ), beside he owned old harley and old classic car which rode by proklamator indonesia : Ir Soekarno. Reward thid JBR ( Jogja Bike Rendezvouse ) was very very unpredictable, sponsored by Mister Lulut Jogja. The champion brought going home with " miss octa " as main doorprize, it was original buildered by Lulut himself.

This photo showed Jend. Purn. Suyono, as Minister of  Defence Indonesia at the time among the champions and special visitor at Jogja Bike Rendezvouse in Jogjakarta Indonesia ( stand left number : 2/ black wear in glass )

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