Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Seduluran Montor Tuwo

One year ago we produce the limited edition for bikers CB Indonesia with topic commonly as wellknown by them " Seduluran Montor Tuwo " or Classic Brotherhood we said. Goodness of fit this concept viewed the machine block with doble exhausts or called twin model. Javaness thema was taken to enlarge scopes for indonesian people. Indonesian flag added at sleeve to ma identified bikers.

Front : Seduluran Montor Tuwo

Thema " nusantara " is other name of Indomesian United discribed various islands with the biggest to the smallest. Assecories white and blue clear gave unstatic views and all combination look like simple but artistic still keeping which it was my characteristic concept. This merchand can be expressed our notice before.

Back : Logo and Words Launch

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bagi pengalaman said...

its licenzed concept by izze design

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